Member Testimonials

Stratus Medical Imaging has been a MedSource member since February 2020. The nature of the services we provide require prompt action, effective and efficient service delivery from our service providers. With support from MedSource Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)platform, Stratus Medical Imaging has made significant strides in business as demonstrated by an ever-increasing customer base. I can confirm that I’m a happy customer! MedSource has great service delivery and prompt action when it comes to customer feedback. Thank you MedSource!.
Denis Okoth
Stratus Medical Imaging
The MedSource platform has revolutionized our way of doing business. I chose to focus on the platform because it is what we have interacted with most. On average since our inception, we serve an estimated 250 customers as contrasted by a monthly average of 50 before using the platform. Accessing supplier stocks for availability and pricing as well as ordering seamlessly without the hassles of making thousand calls is such a huge advantage. Prior to joining the MedSource platform, there was a staff dedicated to make calls and visit distributors which strained our bottom-line. This is now a thing of the past with the ordering of items done at the click of a button. Turnaround time is similarly a plus, as well ability to track bills and evaluate market dynamics of demand & supply. Poplar Hospital would love to keep working with Medsource over the next 100 years!
Innocent Situma
Poplar Hospital
Generally, the community pharmacy serves as the most preferred first point of call for approximately 70% of the population. Nimcopharm on average serves 20-35 clients per month which is a remarkable improvement from an average of 10-15 prior to our membership in MedSource in 2019. MedSource effectively bridged the gap for Nimcopharm Chemist by offering a very efficient, responsive and user-friendly Supply Chain platform which links the pharmacy to the most reputable distributors. With most of the pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers situated in Nairobi, the MedSource platform has eased the logistics nightmare and reduced my costs of travelling frequently to procure the items we need. This ensures that products are available within very agreeable lead times, providing an apt solution to stock outs. With an influx of counterfeit medicines and medical supplies in the market. MedSource has put in stringent measures to ensure quality products are delivered. Grateful for the continued business support provided by MedSource, Nimcopharm Chemists would urge health providers (hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and pharmacies to explore working with MedSource.
Onesmus Kavoo
Proprietor Nimcopharm Chemists
“As Massmart Limited Chemists, we express our gratitude for the partnership with MedSource Group for the timely delivery of pharmaceuticals”. MedSource pooled procurement platform brings on board registered clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries as well as manufacturers and distributors. Massmart maiden order was made in February 2020 and to date has been a consistent and active member.
Dr. Fred Kiio
Director, Massmart Chemist & KPA Chair, South-Eastern Chapter